The rates are for my time and companionship only. 2 hours minimum to book. Appointments that are 4 hours or longer should include social time.


New York Incall:


I do provide incall in my hometown, New York, however, this option is only available for appointments that are minimum 3 hours long.


I call Miami my second home and I spend most of my winter here. Since the town is extremely small, I prefer not to meet new people here. If you're an existing friend, I might consider spending time with you here. Please inquire for more details.



Overnights are my favorite, most preferable and will be prioritized. This option usually covers up to 12 hours. Overnights require a beauty sleep of at least 7 hours. If you plan to be up all night long, then multiply my hourly rate ($800) to the time we are together.


Monthly Arrangements:  


This option is for existing lovers only. This can be either exclusive or non-exclusive arrangement between you and me. We can discuss the details in person. 3 months minimum is required (4 months for NY). Payments must be made on the 1st of each month. If you decide to end the arrangement early, you must give me a 2 weeks notice and pay the difference as indicated in each package. I have the right to cancel the arrangement at the end of each month. Unlimited texting implies that if I don't respond immediately, I will try to respond within 3 hours (due to the fact that I have other commitments in my life).

The below rates are FINAL and NON-NEGOTIABLE! Be generous and I will do the same :)