If you like to schedule a date with me, you are required to provide ONE of the following:

  • 3 references from the independent reputable providers. I do NOT accept agency references. Please include a link to their personal website along with their email address. My definition of a reputable provider is someone classy with existing personal website, active social media and ads on reputable platforms.

  • P411 handle with more than 2 OKs.


I usually do not meet with gents who don't have the above info. However, if you are a well-mannered gent, I'm still willing to see you, but ALL of the following requirements apply and must be met before securing our date:

  • Employment information (LinkedIn link + email directly from your work domain). You should held a senior position at your company, as well as your company should be well known.

  • 4 hours + date

  • Dinner date at a high end restaurant

  • 20% deposit of the total booking time in the form of the gift card or electronic payment (if available at that moment).